Where is Ocean Explorer Now?


During the sailing season Ocean Explorer is almost continuously voyaging.  To view its most recent position, there are five options.  Try them all, and then bookmark the one or more that you like best.


The most sophisticated site that I am aware of is a German site called Intermar.  This is the site that I am currently most enthusiastic about.  You can find the data, complete with vignettes, on Ocean Explorer here.  I'd suggest that you play around with the different mapping options in the upper left to find what interests you.


One can go to the Winlink! 2000 site.  Be patient, as this site takes a little while to load.  Find my HAM radio callsign, AA9HE, which will show up in the right-hand column labeled "Position Reports" if we have made contact recently.  Click it, and Ocean Explorer's location will be apparent, along with the positions of many other vessels.  If you wish to go directly to only Ocean Explorer's recent positions, click here.


The APRS link is a great site with a number of nice, detailed charts, including photographs.  Try the links on the left hand side of the APRS page to see these interesting alternatives.


The MSN site is another alternative which incorporates some nice maps and charts.


One can go to the ShipTrak site to see latest position and recent movement.  This site allows one to track Ocean Explorer's course over a period of several days.  Click "Show Log Entries" at the bottom to view vignettes of the voyage.


In 2006 we added the YOTREPS site.  This Hobart, Tasmania-based site adds yet another dimension to tracking capabilities.  If you have any interest in detailed tracking of Ocean Explorer, the YOTREPS site can be further enhanced by downloading the Beta version of the YOTREPS Voyage Browser.


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Updated April 22, 2011