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Greg Cotten

My name is Greg Cotten. I am a Marine Biologist and for 30 years, I have been taking photos underwater. Whether it's photographing astronauts training underwater at NASA, coral abundance in Hawaii, or research in the Arctic Ocean, the underwater world is magical. Even in surprising locations like harbors, the miracle of life is on full display.
My intention is to inspire investigation, facilitate connection, and ultimately promote individual stewardship of the marine ecosystem. Ocean Explorer is transforming how we interact with and learn about the miraculous underwater world. Splash Adventure Santa Cruz Harbor is the first in a series of locations and we are glad you are with us for the beginning of this journey. This is a beta release and will update periodically with improvements. For the most immersive experience, I recommend zooming in and exploring the images on a touch screen.

Thank you for your interest
and I welcome all feedback!


"Follow your dreams.
You can do anything you put your mind to."

Dedicated to my Mom, Sandy Cotten

© Ocean Explorer 2020

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