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Bat Ray - Myliobatis Californica

This is the only stingray in this area. It can be found at the surface, all the way down to 150 feet. It can feed on small surface plankton like this one. Or it can scan the sea floor for chemical and electrical signals from clams, worms, crab, and shrimp. Although reports of bat rays stinging divers are rare, they do have a barb on their tail, capable of inflicting pain which can last for hours. Many aquariums have them in their touch pools, because they are quite tame and friendly. They painlessly clip their barbs for safety. The barb does grow back, in a short time, and is only used for defense. They have another defense, their coloration. A light underside makes them difficult to see from underneath, against a bright sun lit surface, and they have a dull brown top, which makes them blend into a sandy bottom or kelp bed.

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